Due to the requirements of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services licensing and His Grace Christian Academy there are many forms to be completed before your child is enrolled.  Below we share some for you to email (wegrow.montessorihouseobt@gmail.com) or print.   After your child has been accepted into the Center, the Director will provide these forms for you with a completion date.  All forms must be completed and submitted prior to your child's first day of enrollment.  In addition to the forms provided by the center, your child must have a physical within the last 6 months and a copy of your child's certified birth certificate must be provided to the Center here.



Welcoming a new family and child into the HGA community provides us an opportunity to grow! Our process of admission starts by where the family is invited to get to know the facility by an initial tour. By scheduling a tour with our Admissions Director, parents are invited to walk the facility and observe children working in their classrooms. This initial visit is generally conducted with only the parents and allows them to better focus on the daily practices and rhythms of the classroom where they can decide if this is the right place for their child.
Schedule your tour by emailing HGCA Management at info@hisgracechildcare.com or use form on the contact us page. 

Please include your child's name and age and if your child has had previous experience in a Montessori program.


A visit with your child is scheduled after your initial tour. For parents of an infant/toddler, both parents and child are scheduled to meet and get to know the teacher and the program. For Primary level, your child will meet one or more teachers, and is given the opportunity to work one-on-one with them doing Montessori lessons and work with other children in the classroom. Your child's visit could last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours based on his or her comfort and readiness to interact in a Montessori classroom.


The Admissions Director will follow up after your child's visit to give our teacher's recommendations. If your child is ready to begin in a Montessori classroom, HGA will invite your child to begin at a date agreed upon by you and the teacher.


Before your child begins regular attendance at His Grace Montessori House of Oakbrook Terrace a Tuition Contract and all School Office Forms must be submitted. The reservation fee and initial tuition payment schedule must also be submitted. 

Classroom placement in the Pre-Primary Program is based on several factors: Personality and developmental level of new child, space availability, social and age mix ratios per classroom, whether child is enrolled in regular Pre-Primary schedule or extended day.

Summary of Daycare Standards (Please print or email the back page and return with packet)

Child Medical Form (Please have a Nurse Practitoner or your child's Doctor fill out and sign off including Lead and TB after 1 year of age)

Application for Child Care Assistance (You are still responsible to provide all sources of income to be eligible for our center and for the co-pay and difference assistance does not cover)

All About Me_Infant/Toddler Form 

His Grace Pick Up and Late Fee Form

Birth Certificate Form


Together we